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Very serious download speed proble.


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Hello, I have a searious problem. My download speed is stucked to 30kb/s I don't know what is the problem, but when I tried the speed with my laptop it was over 60kb/s on the same connection.Today I tried to reinstall windows SP2, but after all same problem. Maybe anybody know solution for this problem? Becouse I don't want to reinstall my windows.


I had a NOD32 firewall and it shown that utorrent uses abaut 60kb/s but I could'nt see that in Utorrent.Now nod32 is uninstalled but the same problem exist.

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I've just set the same settings as laptop.

Port: 55993

enable uPnP

enable nat-PMP

excep added to Windows firewall

Maximum of download and upload are unlimited

everything like in laptop. Too I've noticed that after some time I got red attention message of network configuration

I don't have any monthly limits

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