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A simple question. I do a lot of music p2p-ing with jamendo (blue). Now I'd like to make my own sharing top-ten to see which of the music is most popular. Is there a way to extract all the details of the big list into CSV / XML / TXT or something else simpel? I tried to copy it into clipboard but the RMB-menu did not offer something in that direction.

Any hints?

I read that all settings are stored in the userfolder as well. I guess the information in the list is stored in resume.dat then. But even with Ultimas tool I think this is quite complicated to extract in a re-useabel way. I want to use OOo-calc to get my top ten, so some "text based, line by line" would be a good start.


Now I remeber a utility but can not find it anymore. It is a small tool that can copy the contents of a win32 listview (i hope uTorrent is using it somehow) to clipboard. Maybe something like that works?


Using the Keyboard often helps: ctrl+A > ctrl+C > done.

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