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Gday everyone,

having a bit of a problem with downloading using uTorrent - yesterday there was a power outage in my area which occurred while i was downloading a torrent - upon rebooting the copmuter and uTorrent the torrent download had been wiped and i could not recover my position, i could only start again. Originally i thought this had been because i was merely opening the torrents, not saving them to my hdd. I then saved the torrent to my hdd, and started to re-download the same torrent (starting from 0%). However, i needed to turn the computer off sometime later. The download was at roughly 15%. I didn't turn off uTorrent or tell it to stop downloading before i turned the computer off, which may have been my problem?? however i don't know if that's true.. anyway when the computer started again the dl was gone, and when i tried to re-load it form the same source it started from 0% again. does anyone know why the torrents aren't saving progress between bootups?

ps i have downloaded other torrents and they have worked fine, even when i have to turn the computer off - this just started happening since yesterday.

Sorry if i have posted in the wrong area, im kind of new to forums and am not sure where to go.

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