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i suddenly get the red circle and speeds suck


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I have the same exact issue right now. Only my light turned yellow not red. I've recently changed my port, but I changed it in my router and in my firewall and since then I've gotten the green light. Only today, for no reason at all it says no incoming connections. It's happened in the past too, randomly just not getting incoming connections and i still can't pinpoint the fix. sometimes restarting utorrent fixes it, sometimes rebooting my router/modem fixes it. sometimes, instead of rebooting my router, I log into my router and use the release/renew ip feature it has (netgear rangemax) and it seems to fix it a lot. But usually i just wait a day and it's green the next day.

All I use for firewall is the windows firewall. I'm currently not using any AV. I don't use a common P2P port

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