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Yellow triangle: no incomming connections


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I use wireless router Dlink-524 and despite all configurations regarding port forwarding I have done I still cant get any connection and see the yellow triangle on the status bar showing no incomming connections. The port forwarding test also refers error telling the specified port is not forwarded.

I have used many different ports from the utorrents random port and I have followed each time exactly the constructions provided in this site(pretty sure about the correct forwarding at least according to procedures suggested in this site) and also the necessary changes on my router(the new static IP and port no. added to the virtual servers list).

I have also done the changes I should on the preferences of utorrent including dn and up speed and un/checking some options but still no connection!

some info:

-Win xp

-2 laptops connected thru router

-I have no connection problem after each forwarding and can surf with the same speed in internet.

-Firewall is always off and Anti-virus shut down.

Would be great if so could help!


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What do you mean firewall is always off? Are you running software other than Windows Firewall?

Please also check your uT while downloading http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ and report back behaviour.

There is also a possibility your modem which connects to your router is causing trouble.. Can you try accessing it through your browser at

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thank u for reply!

I use zone alarm which also manages firewall but have got it completely shut down.

I added the openoffice torrent file from ur mentioned link to my utorrent but the same! does not download.

I can access I see the LAN is enabled with the full speed.in status:

computers detected: 0

WAN Isolation: off-access to WAN is allowed

and other parameters that i don t know well.

could u help more pls.

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