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Unable to connect to trackers (Only connecting to DHT)


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After browsing through this forum I haven't been able to hit the nail on the head and hopefully am not wasting anybody's time but as of the past week I haven't had much luck connecting to (almost) any torrents.

What I currently experience is when trying to download a torrent (several different torrents from several different sources), all of the torrents become inactive. The only torrents I have been able to download are through DHT (ie open office). The port forward test checks out ok and I've tried disabling DHT. This started happening about a week ago after approximately around the time I lost my cable connection for a few hours one night. No clue why it won't connect to any trackers. I'm currently running 1.8 build 6171. What I end up seeing in the different tabs is as follows:

Main Window:

Blue Arrow, Status = downloading, everything is stuck at 0.0


Solid red bar for availability (I know this is not the case)


lists the torrent info but no comments


DHT not allowed for these torrents

Lists the Tracker name, # of seeds and peers, but hangs infinately at "updating" for status.

Any Idea why it won't connect to trackers all of the sudden? utorrent has been working beautifully for me for a while now and no configuration changes were done that I can think of. I appreciate any and all help!

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Rich

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