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After discovering that Windows ABSOLUTELY fails at large file network transfer i realised that it would be ALOT easier + simpler to send it over utorrent to one another.

Whats the best way of transfering files to one another through utorrent?

At the moment I download the original torrent and run them on both so one is seeding and the other is downloading and hope that they pick one another up. Is there an option to disable outgoing internet connections or perhaps just turn on network only?

Thanks :) I wish Microsoft would admit Windows just CANNOT send files across networks (im using vista atm)

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You want the guides page, I would recommend the "Beginner's Guide to Bittorrent" and "Setting up your connection" to learn about bittorrent and torrenting in general.

;) In setting up your connection just use xx/100Mbit . You should enable Local Peer Discovery OR manually add the IP:port of the peers in your swarm.

If you have other questions feel free to post them.

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Set the computer that's on the LAN that needs a copy of the torrent to block all non-LAN ips using IPFILTER.DAT

On the seeding computer:

1.Make sure Limit Local Peer bandwidth is NOT checked!

2.set half open rate to ZERO.

3.right-click on the torrent, click clear peer list.

4.Input the LAN ip of that computer on the seeding computer.

5.Increase half open rate to whatever it was before.

Your other computer will be one of the first if not THE first ip that your seeding computer tries.

You'll see just how "tough" your LAN really is via this test. :)

I got speeds of 9000-10000 KiloBYTES/sec on my 100mbps network, quite a bit below the theoretical max of ~12500 KiloBYTES/sec.

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