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more problems with Internet connection


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Hi all!

I got a Linksys WRT54GL router and a 10/10 cable line. Using the latest version of uTorrent 1.7.5.

My problem is that sometimes the Internet connection is REALLY slow (or doesn´t work at all) when uTorrent is active. Sometimes I don´t even have to download anything, just upload maybe 30kbps!! I should tell you that before the problem starts I could have downloaded something, but even though the download is finished the Internet connection is slow.

To get rid of the problem I have to shut down uTorrent and wait a couple of minutes or pull the powercable from the router for a sec.

I have followed the guides here and deactivated DHT, resolve IP and other things. Decreased the net half open to 4 and so on.

I tried the AMD dualcore driver but it doesn´t make any difference. I´ve also tried the event id 4226 patch and put in 200 instead of 50 connections. I´ve lowered the max connections to 100 in uTorrent settings.

What can i do? Any firmware update for the router that could help?

Tnx in advance and sry for bad English.

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