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Upload MUCH higher than dowload. Would appreciate help


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I know that the download speed of a torrent is based on the upload speed, But my upload speed is triple what my download is, while it is usually the opposite way.

Ive tried everything (NOTE: this ridiculous speed is not what it was like a week ago, when I could download a movie in about 45 Minutes), including downloading the TC/ICP optimizer or whatnot on that other page tellling you how to make torrents faster

(NOTE: NEVER EVER DO THAT. It caused ENORMUS problems, that thankfully, i was suave enough to fix.)

anywho, im on bell.ca( like as an ISP) and i think it said somewhere that this chokes the P2P connections, but the rogers ppl have a "golden port" and i want one for bell.ca, to. WHAAA :(

Any help i could get would be gr8.

UPDATE: I am now *officially* locked in with a cap of 30 kb\s. UTorrent keep going sharply up then forms a PERFECTLY straight line @ EXACTLY 30 kb/s *grrrrrr* No Throttle time starts at midnight, but when does it end?

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