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μTorrent 1.7.5 not working properly-can't download anything


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I 've updated my torrent into version μTorrent 1.7.5 . In the past i didn't had any problems at all and i could download a lot of things. However now i can not download anything, I see the red bar showing that availability is 0 for all files. The strange thing is that when i visit minnova I can see that there are a lot of seeds -more than 50 for each file. As a result of this the download is 0 and i can not download anything. This happens with ALL files not just one.

My settings are:

Port used for incoming connections: 48319

Enable uPnP port maping , Enable NAT+PMP port maping

Add mtorrent to windows firewall excpetions

Proxy Server-

Type: NONE Proxy (blank) Port: 8080

Maximum upload limit 0

Maximum download Limit: 0


Global Maximum connections: 200

Max number of connected peers: 50

Number of upload slots per torrent: 4

Enable additional upload slots if upload speed is <90% ---> YES

Enable DHT Network---> YES Ask tracker for scrape information --->YES

Enable DHT for new torrents ---> YES Enable peer exchange---> YES

Enable Local peer Discovery----> YES

Protocol Encryption:

Outgoing--> Disable Allow incoming legacy connections:--> Yes

That;s my settings..I also have AVG and NOD antivirus and windows firewall but i do not thing there is any conflict with them because in the past i could download anything also also deepending on the seeds with some high speeds as well.

Also a last thing my DHT is updating and for example now its at 300nodes


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