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DHT. Torrent Private, Please Help


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i know what DHT is and i know what a torrent marked private is.

if a private torrent isn't leaking data why disable DHT?

if im right DHT don't need to be disabled, but how do im know im right?

i have read utorrents helpfile and http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#Does_DHT_mean_my_torrents_from_private_trackers_are_getting_leaked.3F

but they say im wrong.

so is uTorrent 1.7.5 leaking data with a private torrent and DHT enabled in the client?

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so im right?

when i created a topic in a swedish torrent site and asked they anly told me what DHT is and the admins locked my topic.

i created a new one and told them that the function of DHT wasn't the question then they removed my new topic.

in every swedish torrent site they tell you to disable DHT,DHT for new torrents, Peer Exchange, Local Peer Discovery, UPnP port mapping.

and they have this stupid speed guide settings that don't work.

i am a noob and i don't want "people who knows" to tell noobs what to do if they don't need to do or say what settings they must have for best speed if it just gives bad results.

disable DHT isn't bad but they tell us to do it for the wrong reasons.

a guide the tell you is the best for all users, computers and connections:


# Disable 'UPnP port mapping'

# Disable 'Randomize port each time µTorrent starts'

# 'Global maximum upload rate (kB/s) = 12500


# Disable 'Enable DHT Network'

# 'Global maximum number of connections' = 2000

# 'Maximum numbers of connected peers per torrent' = 250

# 'Number of upload slots per torrent' = 250


# net.low_cpu = false

# net.max_halfopen = 43

# peer.disconnect_inactive_intervall = 500

# diskio.sparse_files = true

# diskio.write_queue_size = 20000

i don't think this is the complete guide and isn't good for all connections.

sorry for my bad english, im swedish.

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Most of those settings are very bad suggestions.

Disabling UPnP is pointless, upload rate is too high (cept maybe if you've got 100mbit), disabling DHT is pointless, too high number of connections and upload slots, half open should always stay at 8, don't mess with the disconnect interval, write queue size doesn't even exist anymore.

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