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Still Dont understand seeds and peers columns


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The first number, 0, is the amount of seeds you're connected to.

The number in parenthesis, 104, is the amount of seeds in the swarm.


The first number, 93, is the amount of peers (leechers) you're connected to.

The number in parenthesis, 663, is the amount of peers (leechers) in the swarm.


Swarm is the number of peers/seeds connected to the torrent.

Seed is a peer who have completed the file and are uploading to other peers.

Leecher has become a term for peers that haven't yet finished downloading the torrent

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so now - I have a question - can you please help me interpret the following situation:

for a very active file that has thousands of seeds & pears - (1500/3000) I get the following result:

In uTorrent:

seeds ~ 80-100. peers - 80-100 (very similar numbers, following closely one another) and the DL speed is arround 50-70K

For the same file - in BitComet :

seeds ~ 190. peers ~ 400 . You can see that the numbers are proportional to the ration of the whole swarm. The DL speed is arround 90-120K

My # of connections limit IS set to 400 .

How come ?

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Is that the number of allowed connections globally or per torrent?

Assuming it is for the torrent, there are numerous explanations:

Someone on these forums said that BitComet peers gives priority to other BitComet peers. I don't know if this is true, but if you are connected to many BitComet peers it could be the reason.

Uncheck peers.disconnect_inactive. I don't know if this matters when you're not connected to as many peers as you have chosen to allow, but it could be a reason.

µTorrent connects to peers slower than BitComet and other clients as this reduces CPU time. Give it some time and you might be able to connect to as many peers with µTorrent. (If you didn't do this already)

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well, I have 400 set for both global & per torrent. I will try to disable peers.disconnect_inactive, although I did set peers.disconnect_inactive_interval to 60 (I think it was 300). BTW - what does those two mean exactly ?

I was actually more puzzled by the fact that seeds# = pears# , and assume is was some kind of bug.

As for my personal impression - unless I'm not setting up something correctly uT is still very slow in accumulating-connecting to peers , and for some algorithmic reason cannot reach the max allowed even in a "rich" seeds-peers environment.

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Just to see, I set my limit to 400 connections as well and after around 5 minutes it is connected to 230 seeds and 70 peers. And it's slowly increasing. I don't see a problem if this is some kind of limit, since I use all of my speed using 150 connections/torrent.

rmulnick: Setting the amount of allowed connections to 400 obviously won't make you connecting to 400 peers, but I haven't tried such values with other clients, so I wouldn't know. Seeing what rafi says though, BitComet connects to more peers than µTorrent.

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hi i am making a private torrent and uploding it to the post. then i get a message from the mod that i have not seeded . what am i doing wrong ? i have no problems in the connection / firewall area . i have followed all the tutorials and still i can`t do it. please help as i have a lot of files to give.

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AFAIK about peers and seeds, my undestanding is:

column Seeds: A(B) means A connected seeds, B in sworm ( seeds only, or + virtual sources ?? )

column Peers: C(D) means C connected leechers, D in sworm

And now - in main tab below is for slected torrent:

Seeds: connected E from F ( G in sworm ) Peers: connected H from I ( J in sworm )

A equals E, C equals H, stand for seeds and peers connected to me.

BUT B is sometime equal to F, sometime to G, so does D is sometime equal to I, sometime to J

Whot is relation of number F to G and I to J ? And how are counted clients in swarm ?

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Seeds: A(B)

Peers: C(D)

General Tab:

Seeds: A of B connected (E in swarm)

Peers: C of D connected (F in swarm)

A - Connected Seeds

B - Known about seeds (connected in the past/currently connected)

C - Connected downloaders

D - Known peers (connected in the past/currently connected/unconnected)

E - Seeds as reported by tracker

F - Peers as reported by tracker.

Values will rarely match actual swarm totals.

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Thanks for immediate reply and better formatting too.

So if sometime D(column) <> D(Gen TAB), but D(column) = F (GEN TAB)

does it mean uTorrent uses two ways ( tracker vs xchg / DHT ?? ) to get such info

and maybe display more fresh one ?

Well, not very important, but I like understanding things..

( probably similar to seeds, but not sure here)

BTW I always read FAQ and use search, it is faster, does not pollute forum and does not disturb people :-)

But result of such reading is sometime confusion......

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The number in brackets is the number of peers/seeds the tracker knows about. The other number is the number of peers/seeds utorrent knows about. utorrent can know about more peers/seeds than the tracker cuz utorrent has peer exchange and DHT at its disposal.

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utorrent remembers peers you have previously been connected to for a while. So yeah utorrent could possibly think it knows more peers than the tracker does, even though those peers dont exist anymore (as private trackers tend to update more often than public trackers do).

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