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Incorect incomplete files!!??!?


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How can i avoid this situation

Torrent is at 99.4%

Inside uTorrent->Files.details is showing 4 files are below 100% (out of 12)

On hdd @torrent location 8 files are incomplete.(with .!ut ext added)

I try a Force Recheck but the results are the same.



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This is a bug in uTorrent. My friend has also encountered it many times himself, so I know its just not me.

I have a dedicated machine with nothing on it and every so often uTorrent declares the file has downloaded and is fine, but when you go to extract the file from an archive, it fails CRC checks. If you force a recheck on it, uTorrent then pops up with all these missing pieces. I say it happens about 1 out of every 20-30 files I download. It's rare, but it happens.

Why the programmers don't have an option to force a recheck automatically I will never know. Being a programmer myself, it seems like one of the first common sense things you would do. Suppose you have a bad hard drive or memory (neither of these in my case)? Once again an argument for having a post download checking option.

In any case, I just live with the bug. I don't complain about the free service!!

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.. how hard is STOP, right click, force recheck if you think something is amiss? I'd have to say no matter people's presentations or loaded software, external factors affect the download after it's done in uT.

Thank you for your input rthawkcom, but uT does automatically recheck all running files if uT exits unexpectedly. It also auto-rechecks all files after changing the download location... I don't see you trying to elucidate your problem with a thread elsewhere?? unless this is another name you decided to register to post on. The people here are quite nice, as long as you respect their Guides, Stickies, and Forum Rules... why not try and see what's up?

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