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DHT: Waiting to log in


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I'm in Oslo, Norway. I have been using Utorrent for a while with no problems.

One day it just didn't download anymore. I had forwarded a port and used to get a green icon at the bottom of the window (if i checked if my port was forwarded it said yes). I had high download speeds (up to 200 k). Now I don't get a green, yellow or red sign at the bottom of the window. And it says: DHT: Waiting to log in. And my when I check if my port is forwarded properly it says no.

I tried everything, even reformatted the hard drive and installed Windows XP again. (without any service pack). I downloaded older versions of uTorrent as well. I'm not very good with computers though and I'm totally clueless now.

Can anyone please help me?

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I have now done my best to follow all the steps in the uTorrent-guide, and the uTorrent DHT troubleshooting. Still nothing happens. (I downloaded the newest version before I started). Now I get a yellow sign at the bottom, but everything else is the same.

In my router it now says:

Virtual Server Configuration

(Use the following form to add special port that you want to be opened for your special application)


ID - Public Port (From) - Public Port (To) Port - Type - Map To - Host IP Address - Private Port

1 50912 50912 TCP ---> *

On the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) it says:

IP address -

Subnet mask -

Default Gateway -

Preferred DNS-server -

Alternate DNS-server - (I have left this blank because I don't find the numbers when I check ipconfig /all on my pc.

In the uTorrent DHT Troubleshooting it says "UDP Traffic needs to be allowed in firewalls for DHT to function."

I have Windows XP with no firewall. But my router gives me options to change stuff under "firewall" (bridge filtering, Packet filtering, intrusion detection, block WAN request, URL blocking).

PS I have tried different ways of forwarding my port, but uTorrent still says it's not open..

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