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Problem with utorrent 1.7.5


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I started using this utorrent version 5 days ago and the first time everything worked great.

Yesterday i started downloading 4 torrents and just 1 started and the other 4 wont start (all have enough seeds), all the downloading arrows are red and the tracker wont update.

I deleted this torrents and downloaded some new ones with a lot of seeds and i can only start downloading one (like if in my options i only have utorrent limited to 1 download) and the arrows are still red and no trackers. The stopped torrents indicate more than 100 seeds each.

Thank you very much and im sorry about my english. Please let me know if something is not clear and ill try to explain it better so i can get help.

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The reason your torrents do not all start is set primarily FIRST from your Speed Guide settings (Ctrl-G) and then Queueing settings (X downloading, Y torrents running concurrently). ;) Not a problem about the language barrier. Please feel free to discuss your uT in another language in the non-english portion of the forum.

To address another question, regarding the red torrent icons, the "tracker status" field may help you understand what is going on. uT only reports it, it can't do anything about it without your intervention, so if you don't understand what it is saying feel free to report it below along with other questions. Also you may try reading through Ultima's compiled help manual (linked as µManual below) to see if that answers any un-intuitive questions you find from using uT for the first time. Keep in mind you can usually find someone online to answer them here or on the IRC channel (top banner link).

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Thank you very much for you answer and i think i solved half the problem.

I changed the net.max_halfopen to 35 and i got more connectivity to torrents.

Now when i add a new torrent, it says 0(581) and this happens with every torrent i add. I cant connect to any seed, even if it says that the torrent has more than 500 seeds.

And most of the torrents i add have a red arrow and are on "inactive".

Maybe my settings are wrong, i followed every guide i found here.

Port used for incoming connections: 40933

UPnP port mapping disabled

NAT-PMP port mapping disabled

Randomized port each time uTorrent starts disabled

Maximum upload rate (kB/s): 8

Maximum download rate (kB/s): 83 ( i did a speed test, results: 870 download and 97 upload)

Global maximum number of connections: 75

Maximum number of connected peer per torrent: 50

Number of upload slots per torrent: 3

DHT Network Disabled

DHT for new torrents Disabled

Local Peer Discovery Disabled

Ask tracker for scrape information Enabled

Peer exchange Enabled

Limit Local peer bandwitch Disabled

Protocol Encryption Outgoing Enabled

Allow incoming legacy connections Enabled

Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download): 10

Maximum number of active downloads: 7

net.max_halfopen 35 ( i used the patch for windows and set to 50 )

Thank you and i hope someone can help me with my problem.

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Heh ok, well you have setup your settings a bit high there. If you look at the settings the Speed Guide puts down for xx/96 (your theoretical maximum upload) having 10 concurrent torrents is a bit much. Also if you want to run that many on your limited upload I would also recommend lowering the connections per torrent to something under 10. The generally accepted upload per peer per slot is considered reasonable over 3 KiBps though i try to keep mine at least at 5. That means you can have up to 4 active slots concurrently split among as many torrents as you see fit. Many people try to share what they have as much as possible (1 torrent, 4 slots) but I try to keep as much available (4 torrents 1 slot) as possible.

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If raising net.max_halfopen above the default of 8 seems to help, then you have serious problems with your line.

(...even if it's nothing more than simple overload caused by too many connections and/or torrents at once!)

Are you dropping connection to peers and seeds constantly?

(This can also be a sign that your ISP is crippling your connection on purpose!)

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