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PLEASE HELP ME..I have come to terms with the computer freezing


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OK...so I am cool with the computer freezing all the time now..I have no idea what to do to fix it so that's not my problem...my problem is that I use bitsoup and I have to upload as much as I download and when my computer crashes and wipes out everything going on in utorrent, the ones that were downloading are easy to handle cause I go to the torrent file, double click and I am done,,,it checks how much has been done and continues downloading...that is fine...

What I am vexxing about is the fact that I can't double click the ones I was sharing to have them continue uploading...the damn things start downloading again...so my question is how can I make them just upload??

I have been using torrents for 2 years now so I am not that educated with any programs..I have to say though that utorrent is 100 times better than Azureus..

My freezing can't be solves though the speed thing either because every time I do a speed test the things are always different speeds...I am in China where when you pay more doesn't mean its better quality so my internet speeds go up and down constantly..

Thank you and please help me...I got 2 weeks to get a good ratio..lol ;)

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Thing is, why should you have come to terms with the computer freezing/crashing in the first place? I see this is your first post here, so it's not as if you've asked for help before with the freezing.

Check this thread (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992) and provide the info. mentioned.

Re. the seeding issue, if the torrent had been downloaded fully before, then after the re-check it should show 100% again and start seeding, unless the downloaded data got corrupted in some way and thus had to be re-downloaded.

BTW, I recommend taking frequent backups of your uTorrent settings dir. (generally %AppData%\uTorrent) when it has shut down properly without crashing. That way, if you have a crash all you need to do is replace the files from the latest backup. Helps to be prepared...

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A search for "Winrar" from user "jewelisheaven" here will bring up my method for backing up. ALSO NOTE: you don't have to have uT closed to keep a "current backup" settings.dat is re-written every 30 minutes and resume.dat is re-written every 30 seconds.

@ Switeck I don't think his problem IS solved as of yet ;)

Lunchy: If you follow Ultima's How-To for troubleshooting to help us help you fix your problem you shouldn't need any any other help in keeping a good ratio as long as you have peers to upload to and your uT doesn't crash ;) I swear i listed out all of the escalation options for HiJackThis and Process Explorer somewhere but all i could find was http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=291384#p291384

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