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Contact info for utorrent OR important question....


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I have searched everywhere for contact infor for utorrent and cant find anything... Could someone PLEASE tell me how I contact them, or answer my question.

I paid the dollar last night and downloaded utorrent, paying the dollar was supposed to give me a version of utorrent that is supposed to be faster and have NO virused downloads...

But of course, low and behold this morning, I download my first file, and BOOM in 1 file get smacked with 2 viruses and I stoped counting spyware....

What is wrong with this? Why did I pay money for this program if it's not doing what it was supposed to do?

I paid the dollar through paypal, and then clicked go back to the site, and it automatically put up the download for utorrent. UTorrent 1.7.5 thats the one thats supposed to be no virus download and faster right? I got the viruses and spyware, and from what I noticed... It wasnt 2x faster as promised?

Anyway, PLEASE help me someone, I'm frustrated and to top it off I have pccillin and it cant even get these dang virus's off.... =(

Thank you

Oh I just read the if you paid for utorrent you were scammed thing, but the email for the company I paid isnt on the list? It's paypal_business@softonic.com They say it's free for regular download, 1 dollar for 2x faster and no virus's, and 2 a month for the top one...

Guess I will be speaking with paypal if this isnt legit...

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