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[tstatus] XPMC


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Neato, Will try (and of course modify, i still dont get the blue = down green = up style as all the torrent clients that used color coding used green for download :P).

I am just sticking to the original µTorrent icons -- you know, 1.0 versions. I feel that changing the colors would be confusing for people to understand, so I maintained the convention in all my icons that feature colors as the primary type discriminator. I always felt that "green" is the perfect color for seeding since, you know... green is good, and seeding is good... seeding makes you think of nature, nature is green...

I might mix it up in upcoming icon sets.

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I like your designs allot, but not the small sizes they are in, so I make them bigger :)

I was going to make a mod of one of BSH's toolbars, but because of his alpha blending etc,

I didn't succed in doing a mod of hos toolbar :(

EDIT: oh, I did a couple of mods of one of vixenfinder's torrent status icons :)

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