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hi all i have been trying everything on the set up guide and iam still not having any luck my speeds are so slow can any1 please give me any info on what i can do please as iam new to this which doesnt help...

can any one give me any info or reason on why this is happening???

ive been trying for about 3weeks now and its doing my head in..

a step by step guide would be great..

download 1271 kb/s

upload 199 kb/s

using broadbrand

a zoom modem router x6


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Ahh, I can understand frustration if you have been banging your head against the problem for such a long time. With your specified settings I hope in the Speed Guide (Ctrl-G) drop-down you did not set it any higher than xx/128. xx/192 is your theoretical maximum and can be done, but not without compromising download speeds. Additionally, to test your maximum sustained download in uT you can use a torrent from http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ OR http://www.slackware.com/torrents/ . It should hit nearabouts to 120 KiBps. After that you should check out http://portforward.com/guides.htm to see if they have a guide specific to your router for uTorrent. You are generally looking for the "Port Forwarding" or "Virtual Server" functions in router settings to help you with making the port available to download from other firewalled peers.

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Have you tried forwarding the ports as specified in the portforward page? Those include quite a nice step by step guide with pictures to boot. You need to make sure you follow the uTorrent Setup Guide (3rd link from the GUIDES page below) to setup your connection... I'm not sure how a modem+router would cause more problems as long as you told the router part to make your port available. If you are at a total loss you can always put pictures up of all of your settings pages for your modem...

There are many guides pre-made including Ultima's Troubleshooting How-To (linked below) so maybe you need to read a little more about other possible causes / problems, go through the guides step by step again and report back your progress/processes followed to go any further.

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