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Internet Crashing After Awhile


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Ok I've read through the FAQ and checked various stickies and I have not found the answer to my question so I will post it here and hope someone, that has had the problem before, can kindly post some suggestions to help resolve my situation.

Before I use to have utorrent on this computer and it use to run fine (though my ports were not forwarded). Then when I went off to college, my bro completely restored this computer back to its factory settings deleting everything. Well when I got back for winter break I reinstalled utorrent and to my surprise my ports were forwarded (or at the very least it shows a green check mark on the bottom as opposed to "error" or something of the sort before). Unfortunately every time I use utorrent, it would work fine for a while (as it it would dl and seed files) and then all of a sudden my dl speed and seed speed would go down to 0 and my internet would cease to work (it shut down) as in I wouldn't be able to successfully open a browser or establish a connection on AIM. Then I would have to go to my router, pull the power plug off, and then put it on to restart it and after a minute or two the internet would start working again. I would then turn utorrent on and it would work for awhile and then again my internet would shut down. Ive also tried utorrent on my other comp (the one with the router/dsl connection) and the same problem also exists (I never use to use utorrent on the other comp).

Anyway to summarize it: When using utorrent, after awhile, my internet crashes or shuts down or whatever, can someone please explain why or theorize why the problem occurs?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my topic and I hope for also posting some helpful responses.

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Uhm, maybe your router is unable to handle so many concurrent connections?

The reason I make this suggestion (which is discussed elsewhere ;)) is because previously without forwarded ports you were firewalled. The main reason TO FORWARD your ports is so you can connect with firewalled peers (two firewalled peers will never connect) since they cannot accept incoming connections you need to.

Also an indicator the problem lies with the router is that you must cycle IT and not your ISPs modem or the computer for the internet to work.

Ultima's How-To Troubleshooting guide, or most posts from the ever-helpful Switeck will tell you to try and disable DHT, LPD, resolve hostnames, and lower concurrent connections under Preferences (Ctrl-P).

If you need more specific instructions please advise further with more steps you have taken to try and remedy the problem yourself :D

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