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Port Setup Problems


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Hi all,

I've been using uTorrent for a long time, and I've recently introduced my friend to it. I'm currently trying to set it up on his computer but I'm having some trouble setting up a port to work with.

I have assigned one in the router's settings:


And then added this to the port text box in the setup:


But, when this is checked using the port checker it comes back as being closed:


He is using AVG Free Edition as his antivirus.

I can see there is a discrepency between his server IP address, and the IP address mentioned in the port checker, why could this be?

I must be missing something but I have no idea what! Can anyone help at all?

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for helping out.

I've opened that up and it's telling me that the IP Address is

What should I do with this information?

Sorry if I'm sounding dumb, but this is all new to me :P#

There is extra information about 'Subnet Mask' and 'Default Gateway' as well, is this needed?

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