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speeds gone stupid on me again


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i knew my download speed wouldnt last long its gone down to 9.8 kb/s now.ive tryed downloading slackware and that goes to 68.0 kb/s now so i carnt see what the problem is can anyone give me the full settings as ive tryed everthing..

i did another speed test and results were.......

download 2882 kb/s

upload 221 kb/s

the green status light somtimes comes on but its not on for long then goes back off...

many thanks to all you who have helped me so far

iam using............

wireless laptop

karoo broadband

zoom x6 modem router

and just want to say thanks to those who have been helping me so far many thanks.....

ADDED ON ::::please help as i rnt even reaching 3.0 kb/s now and its driving me mad please as much info as possible..and remember iam pritty new to this...

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