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Seeds available but file not downloading.


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Any one on the forum who could offer some insight into my current problem, please reply...

I have downloaded 41% of a file but the download has now run out of fresh chunks of file to get. Most of the peers on the peer list also have only 41%. I know patience is the key, but at times there are one or two others on the peer list with a higher percentage, and even two seeds (100%) listed. When these new bits of the file are available, uTorrent does not react at all.

On the peer list tab, what does the column 'Reqs' mean?

The seeds have numbers like "2 | 0" in the Reqs column.

I guess I'm just in some cosmic queue and things will move ahead a little eventually.

Look forward to any responses..

- E

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Reqs means # of pieces YOU / THEY requested. It's unfortunate the swarm is bottlenecked, but there's nothing else you can do. The automated unchoking of peers and uploading/downloading to peers will get you the file when it is available... It just may take a while if the seed is using a client which doesn't utilize upload bandwidth efficiently.

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