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Slow speeds on only a few torrents


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I've made an attempt to look through what feels quite a few topics and didn't really see any of this information and thought that I would ask a question.

I seem to be having a lot of problems downloading from three torrents in particular where I'm not getting above 3-4k/sec. I've tried the open office download, as well as several others that I'd completed with well over 200-300k/sec, so it really doesn't seem as though there is anything wrong with my internet connection currently.

I see the following under the Seeds column 9(628) and Peers 26(2429). Seeing these figures, wouldn't it be a fairly sure bet that I should be downloading more than 1.7k/sec?

Have other people seen any issues such as this? I'm getting a bit frustrated honestly, as other torrents are working without any issues, but these ones with hundreds of seeds are running at a horrible rate.

Thank you for any help.

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While ComCast may do some disruption of torrents, I doubt they'd totally cripple your ability to download ones with so many reported peers and seeds.

Are you using the xx/384k (or xx/768k if you have the more expensive line) setting in Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

There are also fake torrents with huge numbers of reported seeds...but you never connect to 1.

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