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How to setup seedbox?


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Hey guys I want to rent a server to use as a seedbox but I've never done it before and I wanted to ask a few questions.

1) Does a VPS offer the needed rights to use utorrent or must it be dedicated?

2) OS needs to be windows I assume?

3) How would I actually setup and control utorrent? (broad question I know but I'm really clueless here)

Thanks in advance.

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1) Usually they do. You need access to the OS and you need to be able to open ports for traffic.

2) Preferably. Maybe Wine will work but no guarantees.

3) Either you use SSH or another way to 'Remote Desktop' or you use the webui (which has limited functionality) to control µtorrent. To setup µtorrent you HAVE to use 'remote desktop' functionality.

Frankly this is not really the best place to ask. Ask the VPS provider you have in mind.

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I don't know if your question was answered or not, but I saw this thread while Googling for some information of my own and felt the need to answer your question!

For starters:

- VPS will do the job 100% as long as you have root

- Just make sure you don't do a lot of hash checking as it consumes high amounts of CPU for short periods of time but they will still get pissed off about it since you're on a shared node with other users.

- You do not need to use a windows based client (Google rTorrent)

- rTorrent even has a built in 'gui' if you would so you can see your downloads in real-time in the SSH program (I suggest PuTTy)

- This is all easily done with SSH'ing in with a few commands that you can probably read in a guide if you just google it :)

-- CentOS 5 and Fedora Core 7 worked just fine for me as an OS Choice.

You can probably use other stuff as well!

- Sorry if this is a bit unorganized

Hope I was of some help. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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> 1) Does a VPS offer the needed rights to use utorrent or must it be dedicated?

You can try VPS (Virtual Private Server), but there's a higher risk of getting kicked off for excessive CPU use. µTorrent does not use a lot of CPU, but it is constantly running. A dedicated server allows you hog all the CPU and disk resources without fear. :) If you don't want to tackle setting up a dedicated server, there are services that allow you to use an account on their servers... here's a free one from ImageShack.

> 2) OS needs to be windows I assume?

If you use Linux based OS like CentOS, you can try Wine like LA said, or install TorrentFlux and use it to control clients like BitTornado. If you want Windows Server 2003, hosts usually charge $10+ USD per month additional. If you go with Windows, here is my recommendation:

* µTorrent ;)

* XAMPP Lite for Windows - start only Apache & FileZilla FTP/SFTP Server

* PHProxy - required for trackers that use most recent IP address for authentication

To get files from the server, FolderShare is awesome. In µTorrent, create individual directories for "new downloads" (c:\new), "completed downloads" (c:\completed), and for automatically loading .torrents (c:\autoload). Add dialog for manual add should be turned off. In FolderShare, create a "personal library" sync for "completed downloads" and "autoload". Whenever a torrent finishes, the completed directory will synchronize with your home computer. The autoload folder allows you to drop .torrent files into that folder and it gets added automatically to the server's torrent list. As for WebUI, only allow access from your home IP address. All this runs great on a low-end dedicated Windows 2003 Server using a Celeron 1.0 GHz CPU with 512MB of RAM.

Do not install PeerGuard nor ProtoWall. Leave Windows Firewall off. Just use ipfilter.dat in µTorrent if you insist on a blocklist.

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