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Error : File Missing from Job. Please recheck.


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I had 3 files downloaded to different levels. ( 86.5%, 80.6%, and 74.9% )

All of a sudden, without changing anything, I'm getting the message in the subject line.

I tried reloading the file. I am being told that "The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it? "

Either action ( Yes/No ) yields no result.

What is the cause of this happening "

What should I do ?

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~Thank you for your answer ! ~

Did force re-check ! Also in case your assumption with the drive letter might have been right ( it was an external drive ) I moved files ( entirely) to the internal drive and change the path as well . No success ! After forcing re-check the file ( after a second of two )

"stopped" and then when I "forced start" it, I got the message " Error: The system cannot find the path specified" Any other ideas ?

In so far as... "Please read the rules before posting."..... did I neglect any etiquette rules ? If so, ... I apologize !

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Wow ! This is truly awesome ! I feel as though God himself is answering my questions.

I think is obvious I've never asked questions in forums before, although I've visited many and always wonder how long it was taking before people were getting an answer.

Back to the problem Firon was right, The path, when checked as suggested by <jewelisheaven>, IS different.

Now the question is how do I get the application (uTorrent) to point to the new location or, how do I get Windows to assign the same drive letter to my external drive ?

And back to the "GOD syndrome", how do you people know when I ( or someone else ) is posting something new ?

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You can subscribe to the topic with the link near the bottom and get e-mailed when someone replies. Or just pay attention to the thread and refresh it every so often.

The quickest way to change a drive letter is to open the disk management console and re-assign the drive letter back to the old one. Start -> run -> diskmgmt.msc

If you've already messed up your paths, you can close µTorrent, backup your resume data and edit it with Ultima's bencode editor. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306

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