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Getting hacked with urtorrent?


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I've been using utorrent for ages with no problems what so ever, but recently I've been getting error messages when downloading torrents related to my Firewall (zone alarm). I'd get an unknown error and "true vector service" (some part of the firewall) would crash and be forced to shut down. When that happened I'd usually turn everything off and restart my pc and all would be back to normal.

I'd then run my anti-virus/spyware (Avg/ad-aware) and pick nothing up, but sure enough if I started downloading again it would happen. Now just the other day while downloading I got a warning pop up from avg saying there was a trojan on my pc in the realplayer folder. (I almost never use realplayer, and had done nothing with it in months) So I shut everything down, did a scan and cleaned out the trojan and all seemed well again until I went back into utorrent. I was able to download ok until I got another error with Zonealarm, a which point I got the blue fullscreen error and was forced to reboot my pc. Once I restarted I did another scan for anything (and found nothing). Sick of zone alarm I uninstalled it and put a new firewall on as well as p2p gaurdian. I'd like to get back in downloading, but not without some advice on whats been happening to me.

Can anyone shine a little light on my situation and/or offer any advice on how to avoid such hassles? I'm running Xp sp2, and I have a router if that helps.

Huge thanks in advance.

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a search for zonealarm will show you you're not the only person who has trouble with uT.

Have you scanned with a real anti-spyware / rootkit program like prevx or rootkit revealer?

Also note, if you have a router (which by default acts as a block all hardware firewall), your need for a software firewall greatly decreases.

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