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[Request] utorrent-1.8-*.upx.exe /UNATTENDED


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I would like to know if it is possible for a /UNATTENDED commandline switch for the uTorrent installer/executable.

You see I need it to copy utorrent.exe to "%ProgramFiles%\uTorrent", also add the uninstall info to the registry, install ipv6 and not autostart after install (I don't need it to make shortcuts, I can make them)

Thre reason I ask is before I used /PERFORMINSTALL /NORUN with my custom unattended Windows XP ISO to unattendedly install uTorrent, but this does not seem to work with the latest installer.

Thank You for such a cool app

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IPv6 I think is the full netsh commands given in the microsoft KB article.

Current Switches (including descriptions from 1.7 µManual) as of 7676 are:

[ul][li]/LOGFILE (/logfile path\to\logfile)[/li]

[li]/BRINGTOFRONT (I guess it launches uT at that path and if it exists brings it to front no matter if /minimized or /hide were used -- verified)[/li]

[li]/PERFORMINSTALL (goes through what you said :P)[/li]

[li]/NOINSTALL will tell µTorrent to bypass the installation dialog prompt. [/li]

[li]/LAUNCHBUNDLEDURL (uhm something for updating i'd imagine)[/li]

[li]/HIDE starts µTorrent in boss-key mode, meaning the tray icon and the entire interface is hidden until the boss-key is pressed. Note that you should set up a boss-key before actually starting µTorrent with this switch, otherwise you might find yourself having a difficult time seeing and using µTorrent. [/li]

[li]/DIRECTORY "SAVE PATH" ".TORRENT FILE TO OPEN" allows you to open a .torrent file and specify where you'd like to save the torrent contents to from the command line, where "SAVE PATH" is the path to the location you'd like to save the torrent contents, and ".TORRENT FILE TO OPEN" is the location of the .torrent file. Note that the save path must not contain a trailing backslash, otherwise µTorrent will fail to load the .torrent file. Only local .torrent files may be used. [/li]

[li]/BIGDUMP tells µTorrent to create a large memory dump instead of the minidumps it normally creates when it crashes. This can be useful for the developer to debug problems where minidumps provide insufficient information. [/li]

[li]/RECOVER will allow you to open up a second instance of µTorrent instead of its normal behavior where it simply activates the currently-running instance. In order to prevent possible problems, it is recommended that you create an encapsulated copy of µTorrent before opening it as a second instance, then create a shortcut for the encapsulated copy of the executable with the /RECOVER option. Remember that two applications cannot listen on the same port, so if you intend on having the second instance actually be a properly-working instance, you should set the second instance to listen on a different port, and forward that port as well. [/li]

[li]/NORUN (does what you said :P)[/li]

[li]/AUTOUPDATE (uhm something for updating i'd imagine, including old path and new temp file, I would test it if this PC had old versions)[/li]

[li]/UNINSTALL will uninstall µTorrent after user confirmation, deleting even the settings directory. If the install is broken enough that this switch doesn't work, /UNINSTALL /S should force an uninstall without asking for confirmation. [/li]

[li]/MINIMIZED will start µTorrent minimized, and if minimize to tray is enabled, will start µTorrent minimized to tray. [/li]

[li]/AUTOMATION (unable to get it to work when I decided to futz with them)[/li]

[li]/ANSI starts µTorrent without Unicode support, in case anyone ever has trouble with Unicode. This option is not needed for Windows 95/98/ME.[/li][/ul]

A list I don't think was changed at all, even with the recent changes made to allow ALL parameters to be recognized.


Edit2: I love UL, OL not so much.

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uTorrent uses enterpriseclient instead of just client as it makes it available for more network types.

1.7.5 /PERFORMINSTALL (flags)

flags - bitfield of 2/4/8 for installing startmenu/desktop/quicklaunch shortcuts respectively (so 14 for all)

1.8 is still going performinstall but it is going to be a bit different....

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It doesn't work for me. there is my command:

start /wait utorrent\utorrent.exe /PERFOMINSTALL 4

i got this error :

C:\Users\tom>Desktop\utorrent.exe /PERFORMINSTALL 4

'Desktop\msn\utorrent.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file.

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