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Utorrent die on me!!!


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I just start my Utorrent & having green icon at the bottom & checked my port is open, but i still hav the red icon at the side of my files.

It show alot of seeder but connect only to 1 - 8, it also disable my internet as i cant visit any website. I when to check on the tracker status and it said offline or invaild url. I dont believe piratebay would be offline.

I checked my tcpip too & it was at 10 so i set it back to 100. Did a windows update today, is it the update fault ??

Pls help :(

Also i try the openoffice & it only dl at 1 to 2 kb/sec, where by last time i use to test my speed was at 100 to 200.


Now it take a few min to connect to seede, whereby peer will increase in no.

Try openoffice & it said tracker is offline -_-, i checked every setting and it was the same as before i did the windows update yesterday. Though everything was fix when i restart my com yesterday, but now it having problem again :(

Pls advise.

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