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WebUI Doesn't Load


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I just downloaded WebUI from the link in a previous thread. I have moved the .zip file to the uTorrent directory (I haven't unzipped it).

I have enabled WebUI (v0.310.b2) in uTorrent (v1.7.2.3458, it came with the WebUI download).

I am trying to access the installation by going to http://revdubya.myvnc.com:25044/gui using Firefox I am prompted for a username and password. I enter the credentials that I specified when I configured WebUI.

The login window disappears after I enter the credentials, and then I get a blank page. Nothing. I refresh, and nothing. I reset the cookie, and nothing. I reboot uTorrent as well as my machine, and nothing.

I have not restricted access by IP address, that field is blank.

I have read the Readme file several times and I cannot see what I am doing wrong. Can anyone offer me some insight?

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Considering how many times I've read the readme, and how many times I've installed webui, I beg to differ:



* The WebUI.zip needs to placed in the same folder as µTorrent's SETTINGS.DAT file and DO NOT unzip it.

* If you have not moved the settings files then they will be found at %AppData%\uTorrent (type this in Start -> Run, or the address bar)

The readme makes absolutely no reference to the executable -- at least not with regards to the installation directory.

After you try accessing the URL, check the µTorrent Logger tab to see if there is any error regarding webui.

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