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Lost my download due to power glitch


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Dear all,

It has been known for quite sometime now that utorrent is not only a great BT Client but a superb app in itself, ofcourse due to its tiny footprint and yet the full featured services it offers. I, therefore, will refrain from singing praises of the app as is the custom for first time posters.

Sorry, folks. I may sound rude and impudent but it isn't so really. I am enjoying utorrent more than any other BT Client I have ever used. Currently, it is the only one I use (I have uninstalled all others). But I just don't like repeating phrases that everyone knows already. After all, what's the use of wasting time over unnecessary formalities?

Folks, as is the reason for everyone to post in the Troubleshooting section of the forum, I too am faced with a problem that I encountered for the first time. And no, this isn't really a problem with the app. The app. is just working fine. So here is the problem.

Recently, I was downloading a file thru the app. Since it was quite a big one (685 MB) and the speed was average (30-35 KB), utorrent indicated an ETA of around six hours. After it had run for 3-4 hours, I went out for some snacks while leaving the PC on. But, it was my misfortune, that sometime after I left, a problem occured with the PC SMPS and the PC switched off without shutting down. After I returned, I instantly expected a big problem. Anyway, I started the PC again, and ran Scandisk. Scandisk reported lost clusters in the drive where the file was supposed to be saved. I stored the lost clusters (only one huge lost cluster, actually) as a file, and restarted the PC. After starting utorrent, utorrent checked the file and determined that the download was 0.0% completed and proceeded to resume downloading. I exited utorrent, and checked for the size of the lost cluster that had been saved as a file. It was the same size as the file I was downloading. I instantly knew, that our venerable Dr. Scandisk had essentially, deleted the temp file of utorrent. I then checked the file and found that though it was the complete file, it had actually been corrupted. Now, since the temp file is no more in the original location, utorrent won't continue the download. I even tried renaming the .chk file to the name of the file I was downloading and copied it to the folder for the file, but it didn't work. I looked up App. Data folder on C: drive and looked up the utorrent folder there. But it appears that utorrent does not store temp files in that location.

:( :( Folks, I am at a complete loss, to say the least. I could always restart the download, I know, but the whole file of 685 MB sitting right in front of me is causing good amount of heartburn. So, I request the users of this forum to help me if anything can be done. If the devs. have an answer to the problem, I have a whole lot of thanks for u. But for God's sake please suggest me a way to recover my download. :( :(

Thanks in advance.

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Hey, I had the same problem. I was downloading a large torrent and it was half done. I had switched off my PC to resume the download later, but after I switched on my PC and started uTorrent all the files that were downloading and the files that had been downloaded (for seeding) were missing!

Afraid that I had lost all the data I googled for help and came here and was very happy to find a solution and could resume my download. :)

It takes quite some time to recheck though, but its far better than downloading from the scratch :)

Thanks to Firon.

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