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Collective download of one torrent


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Hi! Sorry, I'm Russian and know english not enough good. But can read.

I want to suggest idea of collective downloading same torrent by several users within one LAN. Desirable to implement that facility by separate program (server) or include that facility to the future versions of uTorrent.

Server running on one PC in the LAN start downloading torrent. Users who wish to help may send request. Server then distribute several parts (not all remaining parts) of torrent to helper (in consideration of helper's bandwidth).

Same process exetute for other helpers.

Downloaded by helpers parts collects on the server's PC over LAN.

I hope you understand my delirium =D

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AND even if the tracker admins have actually experienced and investigated specific users on their site who have done such, see Firon's post above. They should have put that effort into banning the modded version or letting their users know "irregardless of client used, statistics editing will result in a ban"... banning the client with the smallest footprint is like shooting themselves in the foot.

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same topic...


here is what written in the thread:


If you are using uTorrent version 1.7, you need to downgrade to the previous stable version.

uTorrent Developers wrote:

"BUG: Invalid download amounts being reported to trackers for >4GB torrents"

If you are downloading a torrent larger than 4gigs, it will report incorrect download speeds.

Your ratio will not be effected by this client error thus far.

Please visit the uTorrent official web site to obtain version 1.7.1


There have been reports of utorrent 1.7 sending private info outside the tracker

The client version 1.7 will not be allowed at bitsoup.org because of this problem

we understand the need for a utorrent version to be available to you

please feel free to download utorrent 1.6.1 here

we are sorry for the troubles our utorrent members have faced due to these bugs.


And something like this =)


Got this PM from a private tracker:

-----------------------------MASS PM TO ALL MEMBERS--------------------

µtorrent 1.7.1 has now been banned from (private tracker). The new version contains a feature that sends your IP and upload/download information to the MPAA and the RIAA

We suggest that any member using this software immediately removes it from their computers and downgrade to µtorrent 1.6.1 which can be found at the link below.

Any truth to this? I'm still using 1.6.1 thank goodness.


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1.7.5 has been stable for months...

Sure they can claim whatever they want. If they have failed to check in on the current stable in the 6 preceding months, they are simply lazy admins.

--- 2007-07-21: Version 1.7.2 (build 3458)

- Fix: Disable Local Peer Discovery for private torrents

--- 2007-07-13: Version 1.7.1 (build 3360)

- Fix: Invalid download amounts being reported to trackers for >4GB torrents

--- 2007-07-13: Version 1.7 (build 3351)

- Fix: Determination of which peers are local on Windows 98 (and possibly other 95 varieties)

Multiple builds when bugs are reported within a day, and then a released fix (which remained the current stable for months) within a week...

Lemmings, or scientologists, or both. </rant>

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No data is sent to anyone. The download bug was indeed present in 1.7, but that was fixed for 1.7.1. 1.7.2, on the other hand, fixed the fact that LPD was enabled on private torrents (though it only really works on your LAN anyway to find other peers, so... not a big deal)

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If the tracker administrators want to protect their users, they should consider protecting their users from their (the tracker admins') ignorance more than anything. Their concern for the users (?) is well appreciated, but when it's all backed by FUD, it isn't helping anyone.

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