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Partial Re-download On Import Of A Torrent To Another Computer


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I have fully downloaded some of the files of a torrent, closed utorrent,

copied the torrent file & it's files to the "downloading" folder on another computer,

then added the torrent in the other computer and marked the same files for download.

After Re-Checking it showed that only 91% were downloaded.

Any reason for that?


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Video files.

I made a test: Removed the torrent, copied from comp.1 to comp.2 again two 1MB files (out of 18.4GB torrent) that were fully downloaded, added the torrent and marked only those two files for download. After re-check one file was at 23.3% and the other at 0%. The torrent was at 99.9% and 2.00MB to download.

Made another test: Basically the same as above, but this time before readding the torrent I renamed the folder in the "downloading" folder, created a new folder and copied only those two files to the new folder. This time after adding the torrent and re-check both files were at 0% and and the torrent was also at 0% but with 4MB (!) to download.

Both computers with WinXP, utorrent 1.75 build 4602.

Rechcek at computer #1 didn't change a thing.

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