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Unusaly big hashfail


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I'm kind of new in torrent. I mean I've downloaded a lot but never experienced this kind of behavior.

I'm downloading big file (2.66 GB), 1.1 is already downloaded but 615 MB from it is wasted (hashfails). Isn't it too much? Is something wrong with the file I'm downloading? Or is this normal when downloading bigger files?


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The torrent is poisoned. That means that there are peers sending bad data on purpose.

You can filter out the bad apples by banning whole ranges (using ipfilter.dat) instead of letting µtorrent ban them one by one. But keep in mind there is a chance the torrent is poisoned beyond repair or might have been an faked torrent in the first place.

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to Lord Alderaan: Is there any log with banned IPs? In tab Logger there is nothing after program restart. It just says: loaded ipfilter.dat. Doesn't it mean that previously banned IPs aren't banned anymore?

to Switeck: How do I find out? If I look into tab peers there is no IP with this range, so I Supose that ipfilter is working.

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from Logger I found out that uTorrent is mostly banning IPs starting with 208.10 so I blocked whole range

Now my Logger says every minute: ipfilter blocked peer

Why is it saying once a minute? I thought when once it is blocked it won't try to connect again.

I'll see tomoz if it solved that hash problem.

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Until you get 1.8 you will see that every time any blocked peer connects to you (you see why many .. ok ok, I pushed.. for customizable logging options). It blocks the attempt from then on, but uT still tells you about it because it wants you to know how "bad" that swarm is in relation to your ipfilter.dat :D

Definitely removing bad peers from the swarm will reduce the % overhead to get more of the file downloaded.

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Your uTorrent is not trying to connect to them once you've blocked the 'bad' ips.

Instead they're trying to connect to you.

It's the difference of who is trying to make the phonecall and who is the receiver.

Your ip range is quite likely overkill. The 208.10. ips you mentioned maps to Cogent, the same massive company that supplies business lines and backbone to many smaller companies. The entire block belongs to them.

I found these 2 ranges associated with Cogent:

Note: Different ip range format than uTorrent uses! The /24 means only the last number changes -- it's a bitmask that maps out from to

A smaller number like /8 on maps out

But is a much smaller range than you're using and should still get the Cogent ones you're seeing.

Look for more! These hash poisoners seldom work out of just 1 small ip range anymore!

More "nearby" Cogent ip ranges that are used probably by some other companies:

And then there's other nearby ips that are probably not associated with the hash-failing poisoners... for instance mapped out to:

OrgName: Fuse Internet Access


Address: 209 W. Seventh St.

City: Cincinnati

StateProv: OH

PostalCode: 45202

Country: US

NetRange: -

(I'm using http://www.dslreports.com/whois )

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