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Tracker Manager?


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Silly question, but why dont BT clients have a tracker manager?

i.e. basically the existing Seeding Priorities feature, but for individual sites :P

Basically have the client update your ratio at User defined trackers/sites, and have an option of a Ratio Goal to achieve. Use the actual Site Ratio and the Ratio Goal for auto-prioritizing UL speeds.




Site1 Ratio = 1.5

Site2 Ratio = 2.0

DL 2 files, file1 from site1 with ratio .75, file2 site2 with ratio 1.5

You want Site1's Ratio Goal to be 1.1, and Site2's Ratio Goal to be 2

Since Site1's Ratio is over its Ratio Goal, the Client would give File2 the majority of UL bandwidth to UL file2 to a 2:1 ratio to maintain the desired Ratio Goal. :D

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