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utorrent 1.8 uploading problem


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i have problems uploading in utorrent 1.8 beta

i can download at my max speed on my server but i cannot upload

i know the peers are fast enough and because i am the sole uploader i know i can reach the maximum or near enough of my server but i cant seem to budge past 5mb

in the disk cashe i have all ticked and i have 512mb overriden.

i can download at 10.7mb but cant upload past 5mb.

the server is capable of 100/100 and i know i can get past 5mb using utorrent 175.

anyone know a solution?

default settings are 100/100 server so that cant be the problem and i havent limited to 5mb upload.

also is there a way to run both utorrent 1.75 and utorrent 1.8 so u can have 2 programs running simultaenosuly?

is there a way to bypass the update tracker feature in utorrent 1.8 so i can hit all peers and maximise upload?

i know this can be bad but when you are the sole uploader you can hit many more peers at a much faster rate!

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Updating the tracker will NOT connect you to more peers. Simply KNOWING the peer connection information will NOT FORCE a connection.

Hi schnurlos!! I don't think this is related to 1.8 specifically. It is likely his computer is bottlenecked, you will want to read up on that thread for the disk cache workarounds, AND you will want to make sure that your hardware can support such a speed.

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