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Torrent stops with I/O error.


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I'm downloading a 4.03 GB torrent and have reached 99.9% at which point I get this error:

"Error: the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error"

I've tried re-starting and force-starting the torrent and restarting utorrent - the following happens each time I do this.

1) The torrent appears to start correctly.

2) The download speed picks up.

3) The ETA rapidly say 1 min or less.

4) The ETA moves slowly down to 0 sec.

5) Then I get the error.

The uTottent version running is the latest version, 1.7.5. No other torrents are running or even loaded. The torent has 8 seeds + 17 peers available with an 'avail.' value of 8.993.

I have 2GB of disk space free, the files obviously already take up the 4GB space it needs. utorrent does not need an additional 4GB free or does it? (For copying the torrent to 'downloaded' folder).

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes it is an external harddisk but it's a SATA with a SATA controller card in my PC and not a low speed USB. File system is NTSC, and the drive appears to work fine as far as I can tell.

I take it you think the I/O error refers to my hard drive then? How do I go about moving the torrent and its data to my internal C drive? I can't face starting again from scratch and specifying the C drive as the download location, the download has taken 3 days to get to 99.9 percent.

Thanks again.

PS. I forgot to say in my first post that rebooting my PC also did not solve the problem.

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Thanks and sorry about writing NTSC (that's a video format). But no not FAT32, it is NTFS. Definately I double checked, so no 4 GB limit.

Can I move the torrent and data to my C drive (also NTFS) and re-start?

---EDIT--- Forget that question, found it in a guide. Thanks guys hopefully moving it will sort it out. ---END EDIT---


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