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Internet Crashes


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Hello everybody,

I have been downloading stuff using Azureus for a long time and it has always worked without any problems. Then all of a sudden my Internet connection just died as soon as i started to download anything.

I did some googling and saw that alot of people seems to have that problem with Azureus and followed their recomendations and swithched to uTorrent.

Sadly that didnt solve my problem. Cant understand why this problem appears now after about two years of happily downloading...

Im using XP...

Greatful for any help!

Cheers Patrik

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If this happened after Patch Tuesday, your tcpip.sys was probably reset. You'll want to reduce your net.max_halfopen under Ctrl-P -> Advanced or repatch it. If however you are getting some other error please list it in a post below.

If you are new to uT, you should check out the FAQ, and the Guides pre-made for your consumption. I would recommend starting with #3, then #1 and #2 if you want to see an alternative view of bittorrent and torrenting (that seems optional for you since you have been using it for a while).

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