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BT Home Hub suddenly slowed. What I need check - plus paranoid story!


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Hi all,

Since about yesterday my torrent speed has suddenly collapsed. I have uTorrent 1.7.5(build 4602).

Everything has been extremely peachy until about yesterday Thursday 10th Jan maybe day before...

Suddenly my torrents speed has collapsed. I am say trying to download OpenOffice which I would normally get at up to 500KB/s and it is coming in at a fraction of normal... same with other private torrents... am stumped..

I use BT Homehub never a problem... have a superfast rig... my uploads are running at 75 KB/s which is about best I ever get... Ports all forwarded correctly... nothing else running on home network... is weird. Normally I would get a 700M file in an hour or so with lots of seeds but now is waste of time...

Sorry if no help available.... is probably British Telcom as strangly just before the speed collapsed I got a call from a sales monkey saying would drop £3.00 from my monthly bill if I would sign up for another 12 months. I told him in very polite terms to not hold his breath as i didn't think a drop to say £19 a month was particularly competitive and that I would look around before I agreed to anything... Guy got upset with me for saying this so I hung up and ever since my DL speeds been dreadful...

Tin Foil hat time,.......

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Did you update your windows with the most recent Windows Updates from "Patch Tuesday"? That more than likely mucked your settings. You will need to repatch, or uninstall if you modified uT or tcpip.sys from factory settings.

It is also possible that your ISP may have started implementing additional crippling measures to shape / interrupt / or throttle your connection. (LOL at the sales guy -- gotta love their tenacity -- telling you you can pay even more for a longer contract if you're not satisfied) I would like to alert you to the 1.8 pre-beta line which includes some additional workarounds for traffic shaping. You can find it in the Announcements forum, and when run like http://utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_share_my_torrents_between_user_profiles.3F you don't have to worry about it interfering with existing torrents (or a general ban of beta software on "private" ratio-based trackers). If the 1.8 enables you to download at your previous speeds, then bully :D If not there is nothing else to do if you have exhausted all other coinciding symptoms.

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Mate cheers for prompt reply... will use your advice and try to get to bottom of this. Am always a very good customer and payer of all bills so would be disappointed if this a sudden change of policy by a very big (the biggest) UK ISP.

Will run updates as haven't clicked that yellow exclimation mark in my system tray just yet and update all that needs updating....

Thanks for taking the time mate.



Is all groovy... speeds have suddenly run back to 500KB/s so all is good... seemed to happen at exactly 13.00 UK time... who knows... ciao all..

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