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µTorrent 1.3 released.


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µTorrent 1.3 is finally out after a long wait! The biggest change in µTorrent 1.3 is the support for unicode. I decided to bump the revision number to 1.3 because of the big changes required to support unicode!

It should also give a little bit better upload speed for people on fast connections.

Download it from the download page:


Full changelist (build 363):

- Feature: UNICODE!

- Feature: Added option to enable/disable internal tracker.

- Feature: Detect encoding field in a torrent and parse filenames accordingly.

- Feature: Support crashdumps on pre-WinXp.

- Feature: Added option to sort downloads based on the label.

- Feature: Autodetect if the language textfile is utf8 or ansi.

- Feature: Rate limit DHT traffic.

- Feature: Nicer availability graph.

- Feature: Added setting to control how fast utorrent tries to connect to new peers.

- Change: Increase the amount of connects a bit.

- Fix: Error message in tray would sometimes not go away

- Fix: Don't count a seed as a download if there are free seed slots (#68)

- Fix: Change random port selection

- Fix: Upload a little bit more aggressively

- Fix: ulslots wasn't saved properly on restart.

- Fix: Support piecesize 16k.

- Fix: Use atomic movefile when saving resume file on XP

- Fix: Better utorrent.exe.log if translation loading fails

- Fix: Fix bug that DHT got stuck in (Login)

- Fix: Fixed some crash bugs. (Thanks to the crash dumps)

- Fix: Hopefully worked around the file open crash. (Caused by Adobe Acrobat 7).

- Fix: Fix crash bug if an invalid filename is selected in the opendialog.

- Fix: Fix crash when removing torrents.

- Fix: Fix sorting in pieces tab

These fixes were fixed in the second release of 1.3 (build 364):

- Fix: Move up/down didn't move like you expected

- Fix: Opening a torrent by doubleclicking in explorer didn't always work.

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Thanks for the cool update! I love the older version, and I am sure this will be something I love even more!

- Feature: Added option to enable/disable internal tracker.

- Feature: Added setting to control how fast utorrent tries to connect to new peers.

How do these work? Are they both user changable?

And, what do you mean by this?:

- Fix: Upload a little bit more aggressively

Thanks again!

~~ GK

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Ok here goes with explaining the problem with adding torrents.

Adding torrents via the OPEN (OPEN before saving, not the OPEN button when download is complete) command in IE6 when downloading a file, adding torrents when UTorrent is closed, and dragging torrent files into Utorrent works fine. I also dont have the multiple instances problem.

BUT adding torrents when Utorrent is already running has problems not experienced in 1.2 (the problem occurs between builds 360 and 361, somebody in a previous thread said it started with the noargs version you posted up).

Basically i have two torrents on my desktop, both torrent files are displaying different behaviours which is gonna make this well complicated to explain.

One torrent refuses point blank to add by double clicking on it while Utorrent is open, all it does it make the Utorrent block in the start bar blink orange.

The other torrent will usually add to Utorrent while it is open. But sometimes when i double click on it, it will just do the same as the other torrent.

UPDATE: I downloaded the torrent that was point blank refusing to work from another torrent site, its the same torrent but this site gives it a different name, and this torrent now displays the same behaviour as the other one which works most of the time.

UPDATE 2: I take back what i said about it working when pressing OPEN in IE. This works MOST of the time for the torrent that works most of the time using double clicking method. But for the torrent that point blank refuses to work, it also point blank refuses to work using the OPEN option in IE instead of saving it to harddrive.

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Oh by the way, delete torrent using delete key on the keyboard AND the delete button never worked. I got over 300 torrents in utorrent app data folder now. Deleting torrent via menu worked though.

I have no idea why i still have the annoying multiple instance problem and i wonder why there's still that annoying multiple torrent selection going apart problem when moving it up and down even though it's been mentioned like a million times.

I just got a feeling that my post is going to be ignored again ... am i asking too much ? I just want the minor annoyances to be fixed. :(

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"Open torrent" problem too here :) I bypassed it (by chance?) by going to the temp directory where Firefox put it and double-clicking on it.

I'm sure you'll solve that very soon, though :) Thanks for all the hard work on µTorrent... I'll keep using version 1.3 unless that bug really annoys me, but it's not like I'm adding 50 torrents a day :)

EDIT : it seems to work 100% of the time with the Add Torrent dialog box. But not with the "Open With" feature of my browser.

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Awesome, great work. I love this BT client, been using it for a couple of months anow and coulen't be happier, I love how small and compact it is, no bloat, no java, and stable.

I also like the little change from "inf" to the ∞ symbol, I like little touches like that.

Awesome program, thank you so much for creating it.

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