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µTorrent 1.3 released.


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I just dled build 364 and I have the opening problem too. Whenever I select Open (instead of downloading) the torrent from Firefox, it opens up in a new instance of utorrent. I have downgraded to 1.22 and I don't have the problem with that version. I then upgraded to 1.3.364 again and the problem comes back.

Other than that, it's awesome. I just wish that whenever I open a new torrent, a window would pop out that allows me to select which files I want to download from the torrent. It'll be really convenient. Keep up the great job though.

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I updated 1.2.2 to 1.3 and indeed noticed a problem opening torrents on a (any) site.

I switched back to 1.2.2 for now. Else i had to : download torrent manual - open it thrue uTorrents open .torrent function, or else i just can't load the torrent.

The 1st torrent i opened in 1.3 worked fine, a second or 3rd one just wouldn;t open the normal way.

This definitively is a bug that's pretty shitty.... please fix this fast... i love uTorrent and check the site about every day, but i'll stick to 1.2.2 that's working perfect for me now.... when the open torrent problem is solved i switch to the new version.. Anyway thx Ludde, great job.


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Whahaaaaaa, Ludde you're F*cking amazing... as i tested 1.3 build 363 with the opening bug you already fixed the bug in 1.3 build 364...... If i were a woman, i would love you, now i just like you alot..... ok i updated to 1.3 !!!! LOL and LOL some more !

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I have a clean windows install now, and no multiple instances from FireFox. I think the problem sould be around the torrent associations. (Perhaps Windows thinks utorrent hasn't been already started, and starts a new one, because of an old program name in the associations table.)

Hmm...could be. But as already stated, reverting to 1.2.2 fixes this, and if the problem lies within Windows then all version should be affected. I've even tried deleting the asociation, run uT and redo the association, but still a no go.

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Although I'm not a developer for this project, I thought I'd try and answer a few of the questions I saw:

>does anyone know what's the meaning of this:

>- Feature: Detect encoding field in a torrent and parse filenames accordingly.

As Firon said, it's used to determine what encoding is used in the file's name. Windows 2000 and above support Unicode filenames (don't know if 98 or Me have Unicode support or not...), so if you're (for example) running an English version of Windows you can have a file named using Korean characters and it will still show up correctly. However, some file names use the OEM code page instead, so there needs to be a way to determine what sort of encoding was used to create the filename. This is what the feature is referring to.

> btw what is "atomic movefile"?

In a multitasking system, sometimes an application will be interrupted by another application when it's in the middle of doing something. This usually causes no problems, but when an application is doing something with the filesystem (for example), sometimes it might be halfway through doing something like moving a file and then get interrupted. Before it has a chance to finish moving the file, maybe that file will be changed by someone else or deleted.

In order to protect against this, there are so-called 'atomic' operations (atomic because they can't be broken down any further). These operations are guaranteed to complete before the application gets interrupted and thus will not cause any concurrency problems.

And good work to the microtorrent team for moving to Unicode. I'm sure it wasn't simple, but now that you've done it you can feel good about it. To be honest, I don't use microtorrent myself as the client I use has 64-bit support, and I like to support 64-bit apps as a matter of principle. However, this does look like a quality, actively-maintained client.

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