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µTorrent 1.3 released.


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Oh by the way' date=' delete torrent using delete key on the keyboard AND the delete button never worked. :([/quote']

Strange, the delete key on my keyboard works perfectly. Maybe its cos my keyboard is 1 of those el-cheapos that costs US$2.50.

My 2 years old MX Duo sucks then. :P Still not working with 364.

try to make an association with another BT program, like arctic,

then after that you make an association with µTorrent 1.3 :)

This didn't work either. :(

But hey! Moving multiple selection of torrents up and down is fixed! Banzai!

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I like how small and fast utorrent is, but I've found the bandwidth control practically useless. Whereas Azureus properly controls the upload speed (I don't usually limit dl) so that it barely ever changes, I've seen ut's swing wildly from, say 25 to 35 or more when it's set to 30kb/s. That makes it practically useless on my connection unless I try to set it really low, but that would impact dl speed etc. I'm not sure why everyone's so excited about it because I've talked to people in other cities who have the same problem, so I know it's not isolated. As long as it continues I'd rather keep my resource-hogging Az.

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Really, really nice.

I have switched permanently to µTorrent as of v.1.0, but this rapid upgrade path is just great. This kind of pro programming reminds me of the good old days, when Elite ran with 64KB of RAM. If Windows and other major apps were written like this, our computers would be SUPER fast and 256MB of RAM would be enough (not 1GB+). Developers: Learn from µTorrent - Bloatware is not the only way!

Thanks for the hard work!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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