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Most trackers timing out?


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Hello, please use this picture as a reference.

When I start uTorrent, only around half the trackers update successfully. All the others either timeout, or give me an error such as "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it".


Windows Ultimate 32Bit

uTorrent 1.7.5

Verizon FiOS 15 MBit Down / 2 MBit Up connection

D-Link 624 Router

Comodo Personal Firewall

I have read all the threads I could find on this subject. Using the Dual-Core optimizer for my AMD X2 5600+ didn't help, I've patched TCPIP.sys, forwarded the port on my router, and in Comodo (might not have done this correctly, I've seen a few different guides on how to set-up uTorrent correctly and each was different). Verizon isn't blocking BitTorrent connections.

So what could it be?

The trackers that are timed out are all well-known trackers; and the ones at the bottom are from a private site (the ones that are all connected).

As you can see, I can upload even on the timed-out torrents. I don't understand that either: DHT is disabled, so how could it find peers?

Anyways, any help is appreciated.

- Goose

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actively refused... on demonoid by chance? Demonoid has been taken down. You may be able to find peers by adding an open public tracker to the tracker list. A way you may be able to get peers is through PEX (peer exchange) where peers you connect to give you THEIR peerlist and vise versa.. it's not mutually exclusive from DHT.

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Then you have ... other problems. Make sure you're not overloading your connection via bandwidth(speedtest in Kbps, DON'T USE as your upload limit. Use the Speed Guide for initial setting-up) or overhead (concurrent connections... and repeated peer communications sap LOTS of bandwidth). I guess now there's no reason to not list your current settings :D I'm sure something suggested or from the How-To will work.

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here's my recipe that works perfectly.

Connections limit is aprox 90~100 for the router, anything more than that the router will LOCK UP, and will require a button reset in the router box, even if it doesn't lock up webpages will go real slow, and even worse for secure web pages

Firefox is more susceptible to this than IE, since FireFox uses average 20 connections

So in utorrent i set Max Global to 70, giving me about 20+ free room to spare for regular web browsing and gaming.

then i set the rest for 10 (peer per torrent) and 10 (slots per torrent)

and then for Queueing 7 active torrent, and 5 download

meaning 70 / 7 = 10 so each torrent gets 10 peer/seed and 10 slots 1 for each of those peer/seed

and on the Queue side it means out of 7 working torrents 5 are for download, 2 are for upload

if you change the 5 to a 3 then you'll have 3 downloads (leeching) and 4 uploads (seeding)

by the way if you leave the above settings both Unlimited for download /upload speed, then the connection usually reaches 5Mbits download and 2.5 Mbits upload (and this is Mbits, not Mbytes)

so set the Global speed accordingly to match your ISP connection.

I'm on a 10Mbit so speed itself doesn't affect me at all, the router was my problem.

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