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windows user profile, prf***.tmp sprouting all over


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My incomplete and complete torrent folders now contain various quantities of prf***.tmp files. Not knowing what they were when this started a few weeks ago, I thought this was something new that utorrent was supposed to be doing, say while putting together files, or something, but clearly not so. I first noticed this in utorrent.

I think it started around the time I was trying to correct another (and probably-related) problem, when I found my shutdowns/startups were taking 10 minutes or longer (hanging on "saving your settings"/"loading your personal settings"). In hindsight I guess that might have been an effect, and not a cause of the real problem.

Then the other day I found a "prf" compressed folder sitting in one of my Thunderbird local folders. Google told me those are windows user profiles. Today when my user profile wouldn't load on reboot, I looked at the profiles on my laptop and found that somehow mine - a roaming profile set up by my company's IT people - has swollen to over 2GB.

I figured my quickest fix would be to "system restore" to some time in December-ish...and found that for some absurd reason, my system-restore "calendar" won't go back before 7 Jan, well after the prf problem cropped up.

Has this something to do with utorrent? Or another generic time-wasting windows annoyance? Can I edit or look at my profile to see what is polluting it? Or do I have to trash it and start over?

ps: just read enough to get bored about user profiles (not much) and wonder why I'm even set up with a roaming profile, which apparently could be the root of the problem...I don't use other than this laptop for work, and don't connect to anything other than a small local file-server for document access only.



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