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Guys need help urgently?


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hello to everyone.i am downloading for a first time but i got problems so i duuno what to do>i am currently using 256 cable and downloading a file with 8 gigabite.the problem is that i have statrted over 1 week ago and the time elapsed over my torrent 1.7.5 says that i am downloading since 3 days.i want to know how to increase my download speeds coz everytime is low around 7-14 average and max download is 25 to 28 but it is rare.i want to port forded coz my port is says is my port is error(i live in ukraine)so i dunno what to do about it?

yesterday before i sleep the percentage downloaded was 33.7 and when i woke up today it was 33-8 and there was no downloading and a red icon appereared instead of blue.i got so dissapointed and i dunno what to do anymore,finally when i am downloading my internet surfing gets slow and sometimes i doesnt open the page.

What sould i set in download limit and opload limit?

i am so frustrated so tell me guys what to do?

thankx in advance

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Couple things to check first.

1/ How many seeds and peers are there for the file?

If you have more peers than seeds, your d/l will be slow as more people are d/l than there is u/l. Also, if your seeds are greater than peers, it could be the speed that the seeders can u/l at.

2/ Generally if the arrow changes from blue to red it can mean 2 things.

(a) you have lost your internet connection, either restart it or restart your PC

(B) the tracker for the torrent could be down. you will have to wait for it to come back online if this is the case.

3/ port forwarding could also be a problem. At the bottom of uTorrent in the middle, you will see an icon next to your d/l speed etc. Is this green, orange or red? If it is orange or red, click it and a box pops up and you can then check if your port is forwarde properly. There is a button there you can press which will take you to a website where you can check. Follow the links if it isn't and you will get a tutorial on forwarding.

Hope some of this helps.

I am relatively new to this aswell so if I have made a mistake please correct me :-)

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