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Connecting a External Harddrive


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How do you connect an External harddrive through the USB connection.

The site says its easy:

How can I use µTorrent on a USB key or other removable drive?

Simply copy settings.dat (located in %AppData%\uTorrent ) to the same folder as uTorrent.exe, and you're done.

Huh? I can't find %appdata%\utorrent anywhere and once I do find it how do I accomplish copy settings.dat to the same folder as utorrent.exe?


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;) Copy all of your dat and old files there as well as your torrents (if you didn't re-path it under Ctrl-P -> Other) stick it in a folder on your drive, with the exe, and when you run your EXE (with optional parameters) it will say in the Logger tab "found settings in directory using those" :D

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Thanks Jewel. I found the file and it contains all current torrents as well as alot

of older torrents.

Ok, now you say to copy all of the dat files & older files to a folder on the external drive with the exe?

Do I also copy the utorrent.exe file to the external drive, and is that where I transfer all of the files to?

Sorry not very computer literate...;-{

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Yep, thats what the tip in the FAQ is saying. When you have uTorrent.exe WITH the settings.dat uT will load the settings.dat and resume.dat from THAT folder instead of looking in %APPDATA%\uTorrent. If you didn't change any of the Torrent storage settings, then they too will also stay just fine in that same folder and uT will continue to run just fine setup that way from your external drive. Do you have other questions?

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I think I almost have it.

I Transfer all the contents of the %APPDATA%\uTorrent to the external harddrive.

Then I Create a duplicate utorrent.exe also to the external harddrive, making sure

they are both in the same file within the external harddrive. I will call them F:\utorrent.

Now when you say instead of looking at the %APPDATA%\uTorrent file in my main

computer utorrent will look to the external harddrive. Therefore I will not be able

to run both at the same time, or will it automatically understand and allow both.

Also when I download a file on utorrent, I send it to a file I have created in my

C drive, I assume I will need to create a new file within my F Drive (external

harddrive) to hold all new downloads, which I would prefer because my main

computer has a very small memory?

Also the utorrent file which contains %APPDATA%\uTorrent does not contain the

utorrent.exe file? However, I did find file in program files in the C directory.

Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!

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F:\utorrent\utorrent.exe will use F:\utorrent\settings.dat

The utorrent.exe in your C drive will not use F:\utorrent\settings.dat; it will use %appdata%\uTorrent\settings.dat.

µTorrent looks in only 2 places to find settings.dat -- its executable's current directory, or %appdata%\uTorrent. Making a copy somewhere else won't make any other copy of µTorrent look in that new copy's directory.

You can certainly run multiple copies of µTorrent simultaneously: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=56393#p56393

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