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Utorrent isn't letting me download.


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Hi i had utorrent before and it worked great then i did an idiotic move and uninstalled the darn thing and installed azures instead.

Anyways i finally had enough of azures to much of a resource hog so i uninstalled it and installed utorrent again.

Now every time i try to download from anywhere isohunt,mininova ,piratebay etc etc... i get some retarded message i don't know what to do any of you think you can help me out please.

here is a screen shot of what the message always says.


Thx in advance for any help.

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Can I recommend one word? Goosfraba! :D Now if you don't feel better, repeat it 10x. ;)

To solve your problem though you will need to get your browser to stop reassociating the .torrent extension with a program other than uT. DWKnight's link to the FAQ should help you. If you are stuck on a step please elaborate WHERE and WHAT you are doing, perhaps there is a misunderstanding.

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