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Trying to take full advantage of utorrent


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I ran a speed test:

DL: 1117kb/s

UL: 208kb/s

Preferences > BitTorrent:

Global maximm of connections: 90

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 55

Number of upload slots per torrent: 3

All boxes checked except for "Limit local peer bandwith"

Protocol Enryption is Enabled.

Right now I am downloading a torrent with seeds 16(105) and peers 10(201) and I am getting ~35kb/s

I have the yellow caution symbol at the bottom of uTorrent, yet I am directly connected to the Internet... No routers or anything.

Any other info I should post?

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Your modem may contain a mini-router and/or firewall that needs to be configured or disabled.

Antivirus/antispyware software often contains firewalls that need to be configured or disabled.

If you are directly connected to the internet, you NEED at least Microsoft Window's firewall (or some other firewall) to be active to protect you from incoming attacks. Outgoing is less important if you keep your system clean.

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Well, after realizing that my modem was a combo modem/firewall, I forwarded the port that uTorrent uses and I now have a green check mark.

One of my torrents has gone from ~35-40kb/s to 80-100kb/s

@Ultima - ESET NOD32 v2.7

If a torrent says there are 102 seeds, why am I only getting 20 of them?

edit: oh, and is having too many trackers bad? I'm not really sure how trackers work

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