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Slow browsing + NOD32 fixed


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I just updated to NOD32 on my WinXPSP2 box.

The setting has moved here:

Setup : Enter advanced setup... : Web and email : Protocol Filtering : Web and email clients : Excluded applications.

I put a check next to "C:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe" and hit "OK". Once I do this, my browser freeze-up issue goes away.

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Ok, so everything was running smoothly on my win7 x64 ultimate machine. I was using Nod32 v4 and utorrent 3.1 and everything was good...

but then, BAM. I had to reinstall windows after SSD upgrade, this time i am running win 7 x64 enterprise, and i installed utorrent 3.1, then used the old setting.

no matter wich version of nod32 i used, i've tried v3, v4 and v5 it slowed down my connection to a halt, no matter the settings and exlusions. Finally tired of it and went with microsoft security essentials. It's waay smoother, but i still get connction errors and slowdowns now and again...WTF?

Any thougts?

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The recent update, 3.2 I think it was, killed my connection outright. Had to reboot.

I had been using Utorrent prior to the update with no problems, no slow downs nothing. As soon as it installed and I started a torrent downloading, it died.

Sucks. I liked Utorrent alot.

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I have also the problem with slow browsing, but actually it's not slow, it won't even load a page when utorrent is active, I also had an older version of utorrent and when I was downloading, simultaneously uploading, and now, I have 3.1 utorrent, and I don't even have 1kb of upload. My Internet is okay, I don't have any problems, but I don't know why I don't have the same upload I had before. A neighbor of mine has the same Internet provider as I have and he can browse the net and upload thousands of torrents while utorrent is active. Can anyone give me some solutions to fix the problem please?

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Signed up to leave this, maybe it helps some of ya. Love nod love utorrent, must have read this thread a 1000 times trying to get to the bottom of the browse and torrent together, gave up a while ago. Just updated to nod antivirus, started utorrent, same old same old, browsing to a stand still almost instantly. Checked the usual nod settings, all good. On the off chance I had a look at windows firewall, was set to exclude uttorent, but only in inbound rules, not in Outbound.

went to outbound rules in windows firewall and did this...

outbound Rules>new rule

rule type = program

program = %ProgramFiles%\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe

action = allow the connection

profile = Domain+Private+Public

name = give it any name you like, mine is called pleasework. :D

Finish = you are done.

waddya know, 14 torrents seeding&leeching, browsing like a boss, no problems at all, cant remember being this happy on the intrawebs for a while :D

You will see the new rule pop up on the right hand side of windows FW, working for me on Nod32 antivirus I'm not much of a geek, and there is probably some imminent and massive danger to my wellbeing with these settings, but for the moment I'm as happy as a pig in sh*t. :lol:


you'll probs need to allow inbound also if its not set.

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