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uTorrent taking too much bandwidth?


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I just talked to someone called Alcohol on IRC to try and solve this problem, thanks whoever that was, very helpful! But as I was testing uTorrent my internet got choked again and I got cut off.

Basically the problem is that uTorrent appears to use more bandwidth that it needs (?).

So I'll be downloading at 5kb/s and my bandwidth meter will report it much higher like in the screenshot below. If I stop uTorrent the bandwidth drops again.


After a while of this it'll choke the bandwidth completely and I'll have to reset my wireless router. I can't plug in the router directly to the modem because my desktop PC can't easily be moved. Here is a copy of my uTorrent preferences so far (I've also unchecked 'enable local peer discovery', and tried dropping the global max number of connections down to 100):


I've already tried everything from the FAQ to make utorrent go faster: downloaded and installed the patch linked as well.

Is there something I am missing here? Is there anything else I can do? Would buying a new router help?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my noobishness.

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Yep I tried all that so here's a checklist of what i have done

# disabled IP resolving

# disabled DHT

# disabled UPnP and NAT-PMP

# disabled peer.resolve_country if it isn't already set to false

# Lowered maximum global number of connections to 100

# lowered net.max_halfopen to 4

# patched TCPIP.sys to 10

# Restarted your computer, modem, and router after performing any of the above

ALTHOUGH i haven't connected my computer directly to the modem, simply because I can't.

More info:

Router: Belkin wireless G router (cable) F5D7230-4

Network status colour: green most of the time, although I have seen it go yellow recently.

Port checker: Welcome to the µTorrent Port Checker.

A test will be performed on your computer to check if the specified port is opened.

Checking port 10305 on x.x.x.x...

OK! Port 10305 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections

Speed guide:


note: latency is because I am in UK

net.max_halfopen: is 4

OS: is Windows XP

firewall: Norton

ISP: Virgin media

connection type: cable

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Unless it is communicating with SOMETHING there is no explanation for the usage. If you haven't setup RSS (presumed since you don't know what it is ;) )then it is initial communication with sites etc. Unfortunately there is no scale listed for that program you use. uT has its own Speed tab to show just that, bandwidth used by the program, it starts at 1 second scale (a total of 2 minutes of data) and can store up to 10 hours of data from the current session.

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TCP/IP overheads, BitTorrent overheads, instantaneous spikes not the same as average bandwidth use.

You tell uTorrent to upload at 5 KB/sec, it ends up using ~45-50 kilobits/sec of upload bandwidth and probably ~1-8 kilobits/sec of download bandwidth to do it.

Now if you're allowing 100+ connections at once and have half open max set in uTorrent to 8, then it's possible you're using as much as 60 kilobits/sec of upload bandwidth on average...and download bandwidth for all that can top 20 kilobits/sec. (Repeated encrypted handshakes and LONG haves from BitComet clients suck!)

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OK so I've lowered the connections down (to 30 now) and the half open max set to 2. It has helped actually, it doesn't choke the bandwidth anymore (for now) but I'm still recording an extra 5kb/s min overhead for whatever reason.

What I don't understand is what's changed? I've been using this program for over a year and it's always been faultless. Suddenly within the last couple of weeks this happens? Azureus causes the same problem, but worse by the way.

I've been using Transmission on my mac for the last few days which doesn't cause the same problems, so am thinking it might be something wrong with my windows PC..?

Thanks for your help all!

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The limits you set for uT are peer transfer. Depending upon your half-open limit and concurrent connections the overhead will vary. But as I said before it has to be communicating with something. Spikes in transfer above nominal levels (5KiBps) may happen after a disconnection, but something is being missed in translation here for 40 KiBps to be "overhead".

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